Update on funding request for Saginaw Police Department and HELP

The Saginaw Police Department, in collaboration with HELP, is launching a new crime prevention initiative supported by federal funding secured by Congressman Dan Kildee. With this funding it is planned enhance community violence intervention, community engagement efforts, and upgrade law enforcement technology in Saginaw. Congressman Kildee emphasized the need for a community-wide approach to address crime effectively.

Kareem Bowen, HELP

HELP, led by Kareem Bowen, will partner with the police department to implement the initiative. Bowen stressed the importance of partnerships between law enforcement, community organizations, and those with experience in addressing violence. The initiative aims to impact youth positively and improve community safety through education and collaboration with law enforcement.

Police Chief Robert Ruth highlighted the initiative’s goal of breaking the cycle of violence by offering alternatives and support to Saginaw’s youth. He believes HELP will be a key part of breaking the cycle.

For more information on HELP visit, the link.

Saginaw police station,  Congressman Dan Kildee, Kareem Bowen, Police Chief Ruth and Mayor Moore. Photo by Christiana Malacara