U.S. House, State Senate and State House Race Results in the GLBR

Three U.S. Congresspersons are retaining their seats, or rather, being reelected in newly drawn districts.

Congressman John Moolenaar defeated Republican challenger Jerry Hilliard in the 2nd District, 214,148-114,889 with 98 percent reported. Congressman Dan Kildee is edging out his Republican opponant Paul Junge in the 8th District race, projected to win at 161,023-139,728. However, only 74 percent of the votes have been counted, so the seat is still up for grabs. And Congresswoman Lisa McClain has defeated her Democratic opponent Brian Jaye in the 9th Congressional District 233,288-119,126 with 95 percent reporting.

In the State Senate, Democrat Kristin McDonald-Rivet is looking to overcome Republican Annette Glenn in Michigan’s 35th District, leading 62,062-54,219. State Senator Kevin Daley handily defeated Democrat Charles Stadler 62,319-31,328. And in Michigan’s 25th District, Republican Daniel Lauwers has won in a landslide victory over Bert Van Dyke by 78,184-38,809.

Several State House seats were contested in this election cycle. In Michigan’s 93rd House District, Republican Graham Filler beat Jeffery Lockwood 25,730-14,215. In the 94th District, Democrat incumbent Amos O’Neal keeps his seat , defeating challenger James Shepler in a landslide victory, 21,121-9,745. Republican newcomer Bill G. Schuette defeated Matthew Dawson ins the 95th District, 26,718-17,379. State Representative Timmy Beson in Michigan’s 96th District defeated Democrat Kim Coonan, 23,372-18,880. In the 97th District, Republican Matthew Bierlein comes out over Paul Whitney, 27,204-12,793, and in the 98th district, Republican Gregory Alexender soundly defeated Robert Morczek, 29,446-11,538.