The University of Pittsburgh says it will review how it manages donated cadavers following abuse of corpse charges against two students, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pitt receives about 80 cadavers per year from the state non-profit Human Gifts Registry.

The two students have been charged with one misdemeanor count apiece and have a hearing next month related to their alleged mistreatment of a cadaver in an anatomy class, the newspaper says.

The university says it has strong oversight in place but will review opportunities to make them even stronger.

The Post-Gazette says, “Witnesses observed (one) making sexual remarks about a male corpse and placing a hand inside its chest, while (the other) was seen inappropriately touching a female corpse, smirking and commenting, according to complaints against the students. Both told Pitt police they had learned in class about treating cadavers with respect, a detective wrote.”