Two Rabies Positive Bats Have Been Detected in Bay County

Two rabies positive bats have been detected in Bay County. Two bats were presented to the Bay County Animal Services then sent to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for testing. The two bats collected in June and July.  The Bay County Animal Services would like to inform residents of the risk and symptoms associated with rabies.
Rabies is a viral disease and affects the central nervous system and is fatal once symptoms appear. Animals will experience swallowing problems, excessive saliva or drooling, being tamer than normal, issues moving or paralyzed.
The state informs Bay County residents to take the following steps to protect themselves and their pets. Have your pet vaccinated against rabies, try to have your pet not in contact with wild animals, avoid leaving them outside long term at night and to be aware of your and your pets surroundings.

Bay County Health Department Building

If you are exposed to a bat do not let the bat go. The bat will need to be tested and call the BCHD at 989-895-4003. More information on how to stay safe visit

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