Two firefighters were injured Wednesday after responding to a high-rise building fire on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. 

CBS Chicago reported that one firefighter is in critical condition. On Twitter, the Chicago Fire Department said that that firefighter was in “very critical” condition and had been brought to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. 

The second injured firefighter is in “good shape,” the department said online. CBS Chicago confirmed that the firefighter was in “good condition.” The firefighter has been brought to a local hospital. 

Neither firefighter has been identified. All other firefighters at the scene have been accounted for, the department said on Twitter

The department said on Twitter that the “main body” of the fire, at 1212 North Lake Shore Drive, has been put out. As of around 10:30 A.M. ET on Wednesday, the fire was confined to one large apartment on the 27th floor. The building does not have sprinklers on this floor, the department tweeted. 

CBS Chicago said that “heavy smoke” remains present in the building. 

There was no information about what caused the fire at the time of publication. 

This is a developing story and will be updated.