Twining Man Sentenced for Booby Trapping Home to Harm Police

A former police officer accused of booby trapping his home to harm state police troopers has been sentenced to prison.

On January 19, 2021, troopers were sent to the home of 68-year-old Roger Broadstone of Twining to question him about accusations of credit card fraud. After an initial visit, police returned with a search warrant, but Broadstone barricaded himself inside and rigged booby traps in order to harm the police.

In Ogemaw County, he was convicted to illegal use of a financial device and was sentenced in May to 12 months in jail, which he already served. In Arenac County, he pleaded no contest to assault, resisting arrest and felony weapons possession. On Wednesday, June 15, an Arenac County judge sentenced Broadstone to a minimum 41 months in prison and up to 10 years.