Tuscola County Board of Commissioners Pass Resolution Against State Shutdown Order

The Tuscola County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution Thursday, May 14 called Move Tuscola County Forward in defiance of the governor’s stay home executive order.

The unanimous resolution details the various executive orders declaring states of emergency over the past couple months, overriding the legislature’s no vote on extending the order through May. It calls the order restrictive and oppressive without providing scientific data to justify it, preventing assembly, worship, visits to family members and elective medical care, plus the shuttering of non-essential businesses.

The resolution calls on the governor and the state to provide the data, which includes hospitalizations from COVID-19, deaths of people from the virus who had underlying health conditions, furloughed medical workers and more. It encourages residents to continue to practice safe social distancing and to follow CDC guidelines, as well as businesses looking to reopen.

The resolution is considered the first of its kind in Michigan. A full copy of the resolution can be found here.