TSA Introduces New Screening Technology at MBS International Airport


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has unveiled new technology to better screen passengers before flights.

(WSGW file photo)

In efforts to improve security and efficiency, the TSA introduced the touchless Credential Authentication Technology (CAT), newly installed at MBS International Airport in Freeland. The technology enhances detection capabilities for identifying fraudulent documents at the security checkpoint, and verifies travelers who are pre-screened for flights from the airport the same day.

When a passenger approaches a TSA agent to have their ID screened, they insert it into the CAT system, which provides the agent with full details about the passenger and the information on their boarding pass, allowing them to move through security that much quicker.

TSA Public Affairs Specialist Great Lakes Region Jessica Mayle says passengers will appreciate the upgrade as it makes security screening more efficient.

“I think the technology definitely keeps things moving… Anytime TSA is deploying new technology, it really needs to make the experience better for the customer, as well as improve security. So any time we’re doing a better job of validating those IDs, making sure the passengers are really who they say they are, that’s a more secure experience which I’m sure passengers can appreciate.”

Mayle says the touchless aspect is also a welcome addition during the pandemic. She says the technology also reduces the potential for human error.