Trump’s Division & Distraction Helps Only Himself. “Pat Political Point,” October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017

Miss this week’s “Pat Political Point” from WSGW’s First Day? No worries! Listen to the segment in its entirety! Pat finally believes there’s a reason to President Trump’s “Division & Distraction” strategy.


President Donald Trump thrives on division and distraction. I’ve often wondered why he needs division and distraction, but haven’t exactly been able to put my thumb on it.

Until this week.

You see, he’s unable to show empathy. He’s unable to show compassion. He’s unable to show respect.

Trump doesn’t possess any of those qualities because he was taught one thing: To care only about himself.

He is number one. He’s the greatest in the world. He’s the one who’s always right.

Trump has been told that he’s special. No one is better than dear Donnie.

Trump’s been busy attacking rather than helping Puerto Rico after that American territory experienced a Category Five hurricane! Some 80% of the territory is without electricity, and 75% of of the island’s residents are without clean drinking water.

In fact, residents in one area are drinking water from a site the Environmental Protection Agency says is filled with hazardous waste. The EPA’s still determining whether or not this Superfund site is toxic enough to cause serious harm.

A toxicology professor told CNN that “she’s never seen this before” where a Superfund site is a public drinking source. But she said it’s understandable since people are desperate for drinking water.

A real president would demonstrate leadership at this point to ensure his citizens are getting the care they needed. Puerto Rico dealt with a super-storm, and needs assistance.

But all our current president can do is say how great he is while picking fights with Puerto Rican mayors and threatening to pull FEMA from the island soon.

Who does that?

Donald Trump does it.

I’m certain he probably didn’t even know Puerto Rico was an American territory, which explains why he treats the people like second-class citizens because he knows they can’t vote in presidential elections.

Why didn’t Trump threaten to pull FEMA from Texas or Florida after those states experienced devastating hurricanes of their own?

I think the answer is obvious.

Showing empathy, compassion or leadership is impossible for Trump, who needs division to succeed.

How else to explain his ridiculous fight with black NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem?

Rather than explore why players are kneeling, Trump calls them “SOB’s” and demands they get thrown out of the league for practicing their constitutional rights.

Trump wraps himself around the flag, which is funny since this guy chickened-out and took deferments to avoid that inconvenient Vietnam War.

If you’re a veteran, how can you respect that? I would’ve respected Trump had he been a bit anti-war supporter because at least he would’ve taken a position! But he did neither during perhaps one of the most divisive and consequential periods in American history.

Why? Because it didn’t affect him!

He sends the vice president to attend an Indianapolis Colts game for a staged walk-out because players were kneeling during the anthem.

Mike Pence not only cost American taxpayers nearly one-million dollars for that charade, but he stole the spotlight from longtime Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, who was being honored that day by the organization.

Wow, you mean Donald Trump stole the spotlight away from somebody else who worked hard for it.

You don’t say!

But you’ve got to give Trump credit for one thing: He’s been able to make kneeling NFL players all about himself instead of why those players are kneeling.

There’s logic why Trump uses division and diversion on a daily basis, so listen up.

The sole purpose for the Trump presidency is to give he and his buddies a huge tax cut. Congressional Republicans are willing to wait-out the next three years as long as they can provide major tax cuts to their rich donor base.

That’s the bottom line. Even Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin admitted that Trump’s proposal to eliminate the estate tax would “disproportionately” help rich people.

There you go, people!

Now you understand why Trump divides and distracts us every single day with fights against the NFL or Puerto Rico: It’s to help people like himself!

Which is what Donald Trump’s whole life has been about: Himself.

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