Three More Bear Spotted In Thomas Township

Officials in Thomas Township say there’s been another bear sighting.

A bear was first spotted in the area of Gratiot Road and Georgian Terrace on May 30, eating from a resident’s birdfeeder. This time, a mama black bear and two cubs were spotted in the area of North Thomas and Frost roads on Wednesday. DNR officials are reminding residents to ensure no birdfeeders or garbage are left out, where bears can potentially search for food. Also be mindful of pets and never approach a bear, especially cubs.

If you do encounter a bear, officials say the best advice is to stand and face the bear directly. Never run away from or approach him. Try to make yourself look as large as possible and make lots of noise by yelling or using objects like pots or pans. In the unlikely event a bear actually attacks, officials say to not run or play dead, but fight back.