Host: Jane Pauley. 

CBS News’ Mark Whitaker at the grave of his great-grandfather, Frank Whitaker, who was enslaved from his birth in Texas in 1853 until the age of 11.  

CBS News

COVER STORY: Juneteenth: America’s second Independence Day
On June 19, 1865, more than two years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Union Gen. Gordon Granger announced in Galveston that all enslaved people in Texas were now free. The day would become commemorated as Juneteenth, but for the now-free African Americans, the future was uncertain. CBS News’ Mark Whitaker takes a personal journey to Jewett, Texas, where his great-grandfather became a free man, and meets with relatives for whom Juneteenth has taken on a special meaning.

MEDICINE: The COVID war zone: How NYC doctors faced the outbreak
The staff at an elite ICU in New York City had seen many emergencies, but nothing close to the start of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. CBS News’ Lesley Stahl sits down with doctors from New York-Presbyterian/Weill-Cornell Hospital, and with journalist Marie Brenner, author of “The Desperate Hours,” to pull back the curtain on the inner lives, struggles and triumphs of doctors who were living through what felt like a battle.

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MOVIES: Meet Marcel the Shell With Shoes On
When comedian-actor Jenny Slate and filmmaker Dean Fleischer Camp created the voice of a tiny animated character – a seashell with a googly eye, shoes, and a winning personality – they could not predict that their quirky short films would become viral hits online, nor that the one-inch-tall shell would star in a feature-length movie, the heartwarming adventure “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.” Correspondent David Pogue talks with Slate and Camp about Marcel’s sweet, funny quest to find his family; and with “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl, who plays herself in the film.

To watch a trailer for “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On” click on the video player below:

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Singer-songwriter A.J. Croce lost his father, Jim Croce, at the age of two, when the singer died in a 1973 plane crash. Today, A.J. is singing his father’s music. 

CBS News

MUSIC: Singer-songwriter A.J. Croce
Correspondent Jim Axelrod reports.

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PASSAGE: In memoriam

The Sports Bra, in Portland, Ore., is the first sports bar that exclusively runs women’s sports on its TVs. 

CBS News

SPORTS: A sports bar of their own
Correspondent Luke Burbank reports.

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Dancer, choreographer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov, now starring in “The Orchard.” 

CBS News

STAGE: Mikhail Baryshnikov on “The Orchard”
At the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York City, dancer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov stars in an adaptation of Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard,” a story whose themes of loss and freedom echo with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He talks with correspondent Anthony Mason about the production, and how the dancer, who has remained largely non-political since his 1974 defection from the Soviet Union, says he can no longer stay silent on what he calls Putin’s war.

PREVIEW: Mikhail Baryshnikov on criticizing Vladimir Putin: “I will be 75 years old. What have I to lose?”

To watch a trailer for the live + immersive production of “The Orchard” click on the video player below:

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SCIENCE: “Meet the Fossils”: Ancient life that powers our world
When we burn fossil fuels to power our homes and cars, we’re burning the remains of ancient life – plants and animals that were transformed over millions of years into coal or oil. And we are using up that resource at a rapid rate. Writer and narrator Robert Krulwich explains how, in this “CBS Sunday Morning” video essay, based on the work of Aatish Bhatia. Animation directed and designed by Nate Milton. Music by Buck St. Thomas.

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  • “Oceans Give, Oceans Take,” supported by “This American Life”
  • Written and narrated by Robert Krulwich, based on the work of Aatish Bhatia
  • Animation directed and designed by Nate Milton
  • Music by Buck St. Thomas

U.S.: San Francisco Mayor London Breed on the city’s challenges
Four years ago, London Breed, who grew up in poverty in San Francisco, became mayor. Since then, she has been forced to address the city’s problems of homelessness and rising property crimes, issues that have frustrated residents and tourists, and which may be making this famously liberal city a little less tolerant. Correspondent John Blackstone talks with Breed about meeting the city’s myriad challenges.

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News photographer Sáshenka Gutiérrez at work in a conflict zone, as police clash with demonstrators protesting against violence toward women in Mexico, in the new documentary “Endangered.” 


MOVIES: 2022 Tribeca Festival: Highlights to watch in theaters or at home
More than 100 fiction and non-fiction features will unspool at the New York City festival, with many available for home viewing through June 26 via the Tribeca At Home platform. Check out some choice picks.

Part 1 Highlights

Part 2 Highlights

Part 3 Highlights

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Here Comes The Sun: Actor Jeff Bridges and McDonald’s ice cream machines


“HERE COMES THE SUN”: Actor Jeff Bridges and McDonald’s ice cream machines (Video)
Tony Dokoupil sits down with comedian Michael Che to talk about “Saturday Night Live” and his love for stand-up comedy. Also, Faith Salie heads to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view the coat President Lincoln wore when he was assassinated. 

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