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COVER STORY: Cultivated meat: Lab-grown meat without killing animals
To help heart attack patients, cardiologist Dr. Uma Valeti set out to use stem cells to re-grow heart muscle. That was when he discovered a way to “grow” meat directly from animal cells, without having to slaughter animals. NPR correspondent Alison Aubrey talks with Valeti about his company, Upside Foods, which is planning to produce thousands of pounds of cultivated meat from a thimbleful of cells.

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BOOKS: “American Ramble”: A writer’s walk from D.C. to New York, and through history
In March 2021, former Wall Street Journal writer Neil King Jr. embarked on a walk of 330 MILES, from his home in Washington, D.C., to New York City – his way of contemplating America, past and present, and, at 61, his own life after surviving esophageal cancer. The 26-day journey formed the basis of his new book, “American Ramble: A Walk of Memory and Renewal.” He retraced his steps with correspondent Martha Teichner, and talked about the America he found along the way.

BOOK EXCERPT: “American Ramble: A Walk of Memory and Renewal”

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DESIGN: Unsafe streets: The dangers facing pedestrians
According to a recent study, more than 7,500 pedestrians were killed by a vehicle in 2022, an average of 20 people a day – the highest number in 40 years. But experts say, more than the design of vehicles, the design of the roads themselves is to blame for the alarming rise in pedestrian fatalities. Correspondent Jim Axelrod talks with advocates who are pressing for improved designs of roadways that will better protect pedestrians.

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BOOKS: “Camera Girl”: The story of Jackie before JFK
Photojournalist Jacqueline Bouvier was fearless, charming, and single when she was introduced to a young Congressman from Massachusetts. And as told in the new book “Camera Girl,” Jackie was no shrinking violet when it came to pursuing Washington’s most eligible bachelor in the early 1950s. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with author Carl Sferrazza Anthony, and with Martha Bartlett, the Georgetown hostess who, along with her husband, Charles, was responsible for pairing up Bouvier with John F. Kennedy.

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PASSAGE: In memoriam

HARTMAN: Surprise concert

Tom and Dick Smothers with correspondent Lee Cowan. 

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SUNDAY PROFILE: Catching up with the Smothers Brothers
In the late 1960s “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” turned primetime TV upside-down. But folk singers-turned-comedians Tom and Dick Smothers challenged the powers-that-be, from the White House to CBS, until the network famously cancelled their top-rated counterculture hit back in 1969. Today the brothers, now in their 80s, are back for a live stage tour. They talk with correspondent Lee Cowan about sibling rivalries, censorship, and sharing a bond that’s outlasted their critics. (This story was originally broadcast on December 11, 2022.)

OPINION: You have summer plans? Jim Gaffigan does not
It’s summer, a time to relax. So, why is everyone intent on making plans, for trips far away from home? Comedian Jim Gaffigan, who likes to avoid stress, questions the logic of this. 

BOOKS: The adventures of Rose Styron
She’s lived as a poet, a founding member of Amnesty International, a mother of four, and the wife of “Sophie’s Choice” author William Styron. And at 95, Rose Styron, who’s always looked forward, has decided to look back on her life of adventures, both in her new book, “Beyond This Harbor,” and as the subject of a documentary by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright James Lapine, “In the Company of Rose.” Styron and Lapine both talk with correspondent Mo Rocca about her thirst for life which has yet to be quenched.

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NATURE: The American West (extended cut) (YouTube Video)
Sit back and enjoy expansive views of the American West, from the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona to the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific coast, courtesy of our “Sunday Morning” videographers. 

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