This Is the Only Way a Woman Can Protest?

This video has gone viral and rightly so.

Virginia Republican Delegate Dave Albo supported the controversial trans-vaginal ultrasound bill in the state assembly.  The bill required the mandatory and invasive procedure on any woman who decided to abort her pregnancy.

Republican Governor Bob McDonnell stepped-back his support, and refused to sign the bill into law since it only garnered the support of 36% of Virginians.  McDonnell and Albo agreed on a compromise bill, which mandated abdominal ultrasounds before an abortion took place.

Yes, this bill rightly received a heavy dose of criticism and mockery by activists and late-night comedians.

But a telling story from this entire ugly episode emerged yesterday on the House floor.  As you can see from the video below, Albo tells his fellow colleagues how this bill led his wife to…refuse marital relations with him.

Here’s the video:

My take from this: It seems to me that Mr. Albo is a chauvinist.  Apparently, the only way to get guys like him to listen is to have women withhold sex from them.

You see, sex is the only power-play women have in their arsenal.  Withhold it, and men will actually listen.

And Albo shares that “hardship” with his colleagues on the House floor, who shower him with uproarious laughter.

I used to think women have come a long way in this country, but this episode has demonstrated that women still have a long journey ahead toward being considered equal by their male counterparts.

UPDATE: A reader tweeted me this hilarious response:

No, but it produces the maximum effect with the least effort. Withholding the remote can be effective as well.




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