▶ Watch Video: Third victim dies after shooting at New Jersey house party

A third victim has died following a shooting at a house party in Fairfield Township, New Jersey, over the weekend. Braylin Holmes, 19, died Monday night, New Jersey State Police announced Tuesday.

Kevin Elliot, 30, and Asia Hester, 25, were also shot and killed and 11 others were injured in the shooting.

“This was a birthday party. A birthday party is supposed to be a joyous event, not a target for those hell-bent on inflicting harm into a community,” Governor Phil Murphy said.  

Police also announced the arrest of Darrell Dawkins, 30, of Bridgeton, New Jersey. Dawkins is charged with unlawful possession of a handgun, police said. State police had previously announced the arrest of Kevin Dawkins, 36, also of Bridgeton, New Jersey. Kevin Dawkins faces multiple weapons charges.

The shooting occurred around midnight Saturday. Police said about 100 to 200 people scattered after gunfire erupted.

“It was carnage everywhere,” John Fuqua, whose nephew was at the party, told CBS Philly. “They said the fire was coming from the woods, then when they went to run to their cars, they felt like it was coming that way. This was something set up like they trapped them in that yard.”   

Nobody has been charged with any of the murders at this time. State and county officials expect there to be more arrests in connection with the shooting, CBS Philly reports.