The Swamp Is Bigger & Stronger Than Ever!

Take a listen to this week’s “Pat Political Point Podcast” from this week’s First Day show on WSGW (12/11/16).

This week’s rant illustrates how President-elect Trump isn’t draining a swamp full of corruption and greed. On the contrary, he’s making it larger!


Donald Trump isn’t even President yet, and already he’s signaling how he and his fellow Republicans in Washington–and across the country–are declaring war on working class Americans.

If you recall from my “Pat Political Point” from last week, the Donald Trump-Mike Pence-Carrier Corporation deal wasn’t all what is was cracked-up to be.

The deal was a pure tax giveaway to Carrier, which had threatened to move a manufacturing plant from Indiana to Mexico. All Carrier and its parent company had to do was announce its intentions to chase $3 wages in Mexico, and the Trump and Pence team paid-off the company quite handsomely to get Carrier to remain in Indiana.

It was pure extortion, and it was a deal that even Sarah Palin denounced as “crony capitalism.”

Originally, the deal was touted for saving over a thousand American jobs.

But as the days progressed, we started to learn more about how the Carrier deal wasn’t a victory for workers. Oh, it was a victory…for corporations while the workers suffered.

Recall that during the campaign, Trump promised he’d levy heavy tariffs on Carrier if it indeed followed through with it’s plans to move those Indiana jobs to Mexico.

However, once he won the election by losing close to three million popular votes, Trump showed his true motives: shovel tons of cash to his buddies while workers get the shaft.

Some 700-800 manufacture jobs will remain in that Indiana plant, which is alright. What is bad is that there’s no guarantee those jobs will remain in 2018, or for the duration of 2017.

Also recall that the local union wasn’t privy not only to the negotiations, but to the final deal itself!

Perhaps that’s why Trump and Carrier failed to highlight the fact that around 550 of the Indianapolis jobs are still being shipped to Mexico. And around 300 of the jobs Trump cited that he saved were actually never leaving for Mexico.

The local United Steelworkers president criticized the deal, calling Trump’s description of a thousand jobs saved a complete over-exaggeration.

Within minutes of those remarks from union head Chuck Jones, the President-elect immediately jumped-on Twitter, of course, and denounced Jones’ leadership by saying if Jones did such a great job, then why was Carrier sending those jobs to another country.

Now, the answer is obvious. Jones did such a great job trying to protect his workers that Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies, wanted to find cheaper labor. But again, I thought tough guy Trump was going to fight against those traitor companies by forcing a stiff tariff on them.

Oh, and after Trump attacked Chuck Jones on Twitter, Jones began receiving threats.

Only in today’s America do millions of Americans turn against their own to protect a guy who was handed everything–and who received deferments to escape having to serve in Vietnam.

Trump’s surrounding himself with all kinds of billionaires who want to enrich their corporate friends and lobbyist while we pay. Trump said he’d “drain the swamp.” But he is literally enriching The Swamp! The Swamp has grown larger, and Trump’s not even president yet!

Don’t you get it?

He never truly cared about working class America’s needs? Sure, he and his people have done a fantastic job at dividing us whether it be immigrants vs. non-immigrants, Muslims vs. non-Muslims, brown vs. white, black vs. white, rural America vs. urban American.

The truth of the matter is, though, that Trump and his corporate cronies across the country don’t see those differences. They believe we’re all the same. We’re the 99% who are only here to serve the one-percent’s interest.

Don’t believe me?

Well, how about what we’re seeing from the Michigan Republican state legislature during this lame duck session.

Next to finding new ways suppress voting in Michigan, the Republican legislators wanted to sneak through a provision that forced new teachers to use a 401 private retirement system rather than a public one. Once again, do whatever it takes to hurt teachers because, well, they’re teachers.

But the biggest splash happened when the legislature wanted to pass changes to the retiree health care system for police and firefighters.

Conservatives tried to rush these massive changes into law, but the teachers, police, and firefighter unions all fought back. And guess what? They won. For now.

Certainly, deals can be made to ensure these first responders (and yes, I consider teachers first responders, too) still receive their well-deserved salaries and benefits while finding ways not to bankrupt municipalities. You know, we could perhaps repeal that law which gave nearly two-billion dollars to corporations. Or we could use some of that one-billion dollars spent on failed charter schools which are under little-to-no oversight. Or perhaps that three-million dollars Governor Rick Snyder has spent on lawyers for the Flint Water Crisis would come in handy today, too.

Situations like this that should serve as a teaching moment.

Whether you’re a teacher, firefighter, police officer, factory worker, fast food employee, or not within elite circles, the current GOP leadership sees us as all the same: Little worker bees who should just take whatever they give us, and take it with a smile.

It’s the new American way. The connected get richer while laughing at the rest of us.



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