▶ Watch Video: Animal shelter helps reunite a homeless mom with her beloved dog

The weekend is finally here.

During another busy news week, a major ice storm swept across the U.S. and left thousands without power, Tyre Nichols was laid to rest, Dr. Phil announced his show was coming to an end after 21 seasons and Tom Brady retired — “for good” this time.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin was formally charged in the “Rust” film set shooting, we learned about the effects of “layoff survivor guilt” and reported the news that actors Cindy Williams and Lisa Loring had died.

In music news, Beyoncé announced her Renaissance tour dates while Ozzy Osbourne said he’s no longer “physically capable” of going out on the road. Oh, and the 2023 Grammy Awards will be held on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, airing live on CBS and streaming on Paramount +. More on that here.

But that’s not nearly all. 

Below is our weekly Saturday Six, a recap of half a dozen news stories — in no particular order — ranging from the heartfelt to the weird to the tragic, and everything in between. 

  • A homeless mother left a note with her dog for whoever found her, which later led to an animal shelter reuniting them. From the story: The note read, “Please love me. My mom can’t keep me and is homeless with two kids. She tried her best but can’t get help – I cost too much for her. She really loves me and I’m a great dog.” Watch the video above.
  • Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. From the story: People gathered Thursday at Gobbler’s Knob as members of Punxsutawney Phil’s “inner circle” summoned him from his tree stump at dawn to learn if he has seen his shadow — and they say he did.
  • A rare Atlantic sturgeon washed up on a beach on the East Coast. From the story: A photographer snapped photos of the prehistoric and endangered fish on Assateague Island, which runs between Maryland and Virginia. Atlantic sturgeon can be found from Canada to Florida, and they first hatch freshwater rivers and then swim out to see sea as they get older, according to NOAA.

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