▶ Watch Video: Kelce brothers face each other on the field for the first time in Super Bowl history

There are a lot of superstars at the Super Bowl who have buzz including Donna and Ed Kelce. They are the parents of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. 

Together the two are making history this Sunday as the first parents with two sons playing against one another in the Super Bowl LVII.

They have both won Super Bowls before, but this time bragging rights are on the line. 

“Since Travis was a little kid trying to prove he’s as good as his brother. And Jason, since he was a little kid he’s been trying to make sure his brother knows he’s not as good as he is,” Ed said.  

The parents dreamed of seeing their sons playing against each other on football’s biggest stage in 2013 when Travis Kelce was drafted but as the years went by the dream never came true—until this year. 

Donna Kelce greets her sons, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, left, and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce during the NFL football Super Bowl 57 opening night, Monday, Feb. 6, 2023, in Phoenix. 

Matt York / AP

“We started thinking that reality is just never going to happen. Then this year started out of nowhere and it just took off on its own almost. It’s just amazing,” said Donna. 

The pair famously travel to see both of their sons play throughout the season. Donna Kelce is often seen in the stands wearing a jersey that is divided into two different colors and has both her son’s jersey numbers.  

Their dedication is something that Travis Kelce said makes Super Bowl LVII special and something he said he will “remember for the rest of his life.” 

Jason Kelce said that while he is focused on helping the Philadelphia Eagles win the big game, he knows that the moment the game ends, the weight and emotions of playing against his brother will hit him. 

“It never happened in the Super Bowl. We certainly didn’t think it was going to happen growing up. So, I think it’ll be a big night,” Jason Kelce said.  

Ed and Donna look forward to basically cheering the whole game. Since both sons play offense, one Kelce will be on the field nearly all the time. 

“We’re going to be happy for whatever team, I just hope [the game] is high scoring and everybody’s having a good time,” Donna said. 

The family is also on baby watch. Jason’s wife Kylie is almost nine months pregnant with their third child. She, along with her OB-GYN, will attend the game and will be sitting near an aisle in case the baby decides to arrive during the Super Bowl.