The Backlash Against The Backlash

November 15, 2017

Papa John’s Pizza CEO thought he could punish NFL, but the consumers are punishing Papa John’s Pizza.

Papa John’s Pizza apologized after its CEO blamed lower sales on NFL players who are kneeling during the national anthem. CEO John Schnatter complained the protests were hurting sales, and the league should’ve stopped players from kneeling in the first place.

Papa John’s stopped being an official sponsor of the NFL, although the company still advertises with the league.

This isn’t the first time Schnatter has been politically outspoken. He once complained that Obamacare would force Papa John’s to charge more for pizzas and deliveries. Schnatter cried that consumers would have to pick-up the cost of providing his workers with affordable health care.

Yeah, he’s a real winner.

Schnatter’s statement did receive a standing ovation from white supremacists. So, Schnatter’s got that going for him.

But ever since Schnatter opened up his pizza pie hole, his company’s shares have dropped 13%!

Hence, the quick retreat.

This isn’t remarkable news. And I’ll explain why.

Perhaps some conservative snowflake fans got all verklempt and stopped watching, but there are other reasons for the league’s ratings drop.

Those other reasons being the following: The league’s decades-long lying and covering-up of the detrimental effects of concussions; cable subscribers “cutting the cord” in favor of cheaper online options; Millennials are more apt to us online resources rather than traditional television;  over-saturation a problem with Thursday night games never gaining much traction, and now players are starting to demand and end to them; and player injuries affecting ratings as well.

On that last point, the Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers Week 9 Monday night game garnered the worst Monday night rating since 2007. Did kneeling players have something to do with it? Maybe. But I’d posit that an injured Aaron Rodgers not in a Packers’ uniform played a factor as well.

Yet Jim Hanson from Fox News sanctimoniously denounces players for protesting during the anthem while just three months ago his network defended the right to fly the Confederate flag on public grounds. The Confederates were our nation’s enemy. They took-up arms against our military. Football players are simply taking a knee, but to the snowflakes, they’re worse than those who waged war against America.

Hanson is like many of his ilk who complain about liberal snowflakes, but quickly becomes a conservative snowflake when his fragile worldview is challenged.

Schnatter and Hanson believe they are on the majority side, but they learned a big lesson this week: they’re not.

Not only has Colin Kaepernick–the player who began kneeling to highlight social injustices–been named GQ’s “Citizen Of The Year,” but his jersey remains a top seller!

Isn’t it possible one other reason for the ratings decline is the NFL’s collusion to prevent Kaepenick from playing has driven away fans?

That’s a strong possibility Schnatter is learning.

Schnatter thought he could strong arm the NFL. He believed his side was the majority.

But Schnatter’s backlash at the NFL caused another backlash: Consumers refused to buy Papa John’s pizza.

Papa John’s just learned there a millions of Americans who still prize American principles over mediocre pizza.

P.S. Would someone like to explain why NASCAR’s ratings keep dropping?

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