The Agriculture & Rural Development HPAI Warning

The Agriculture & Rural Development states on their website. Whether it is a few backyard birds or a large commercial flock, following  few key steps is still fundamental to protect the health and vitality of Michigan s domestic birds:

  • Prevent contact between domestic and wild birds by bringing them indoors or ensuring their outdoor area is fully enclosed.
  • Wash your hands before and after handling birds as well as when moving between different coops.
  • Disinfect boots and other gear when moving between coops.
  • Do not share equipment or other supplies between coops or other farms.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment and other supplies between uses. If it cannot be disinfected, discard it.
  • Use well or municipal water as drinking water for birds.
  • Keep poultry feed secure to ensure there is no contact between the feed/feed ingredients and wild birds or rodents.


MDARD received over 260 calls about possible cases of HPAI, which resulted in 81 investigations. These cases were found in 15 counties across the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. For more information regarding HPIA visit