The 2 Trumps.

OK.  He’s done it again.  President Trump allegedly made derogatory comments about certain countries and their residents when talking about immigration.  And we are surprised because?

Look, it is simply the tale of two Trumps. Trump #1:  There’s the loose lipped Trump who never saw a camera or microphone he didn’t like.  He says whatever he wants because he is used to doing so without repercussion.  Ah, but that was before he became President.  Now, every word is reported, analyzed, broadcast and re-tweeted.

Then there is the serious Trump.  Trump #2:  Deal maker extraordinaire operating behind closed doors to obtain deals and resolve conflicts.  A fantastic negotiator that knows where he is going, where he wants to end up, and how to get there.

It is time Trump #1 goes into hiding.  We have all heard enough of his ill timed remarks, no matter what the issue.  His continuing use of Twitter and his often negative comments need to end.  It is hurting his chances of solving some of country’s problems and leading issues.

The people of the United States, for the most part, want results, not cheap talk.  Serve the people Mr. President, not your ego.  Use 2018 to rethink your strategies when it comes to speaking, tweeting, writing and any other way you communicate with the public.  You’ll find following that suggestion will reduce the number of negative stories the media foists upon us on a daily basis.  We are tired of it.  Time for results.




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