A teacher in Texas has resigned after a 12-year-old student was injured during a science class experiment last week, the Granbury Independent School District said Tuesday. Officials are investigating the incident, which will ultimately be submitted to the district’s attorney’s office for review.

Last Friday, the Granbury Police Department responded to an injury report at Granbury Middle School. Authorities said a 37-year-old female teacher put hand sanitizer in a 12-year-old male student’s hands and lit the flammable solution on fire as part of a class science experiment. The student suffered possible third-degree burns as a result.

According to CBS Dallas / Fort Worth, parents said the teacher asked students if they wanted to “see something cool.” The teacher had reportedly done the experiment “multiple times throughout the day with other students without incident,” Granbury police said. 

The injured student was receiving medical care following the incident, according to the school district. Officials did not list the child’s condition.

Jeff Meador, the district’s director of communications, told CBS News that the school is unable to provide additional details “given that this is a personnel matter.” 

“We must follow federal requirements regarding student confidentially (sic,)” Meador said in a statement.