Terry Duperon receives Saginaw County Chamber of Commerces Highest Honor

Terry Duperon, founder of Duperon Corporation, an international manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions, has been named recipient of the 2023 Robert H. Albert Lifetime Community Service Award.   The highest honor in the annual Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce Awards, the accolade recognizes individuals who have exhibited a lifetime of service to both the community and their profession. Terry has been an integral part of the Saginaw business community as an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor for more than six decades. Inspired by childhood heroes like Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison, his first invention was born out of his garage in the 1970s, which led to the formal establishment of Duperon Corporation in 1985.

Lifetime Community Service Award 2023

The company has grown steadily over the course of its history, currently employing more than 70 individuals and widely renown in the water and wastewater industry for its ability to develop simple solutions for complex treatment issues. Terry also gives back outside of Duperon through education, mentorship and networking programs, sharing his knowledge and experience to help others achieve their professional and personal dreams. He has started programs such as Duperon Education, a 20-year old program inspiring students to pursue their dreams and live fulfilling lives without regret; Dare to Dream, an annual event for teenage students in Saginaw county with entrepreneurial aspirations.


“Mr. Terry Duperon is a living example of positivity, perseverance, and resilience,” said Donald Steele, PhD, one of several individuals to nominate Terry for the award. “Terry embodies what this award recognizes, in that his lifetime has been filled with efforts to improve the personal and professional lives of those around him.”