Teen Arraigned in Bridgport High School Stabbing

An 18-year-old student has been charged with assault and other charges after a knife attack at Bridgeport High School last week.

School staff gave medical attention to two 17-year-old students. One victim had several puncture wounds, and the other victim had two lacerations, police said, adding both victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police officers responded to the school at 11:12 a.m. on Thursday.

Louie Miller Jr. has been charged for the incident that injured the two students. Miller was arrested that day. He has since been arraigned and charged with felonious assault, carrying a concealed weapon, and possessing a weapon in a weapon-free school zone. Investigators believe the stabbing happened during an altercation between the three male students.

Miller is due back in court on Oct. 6.