The Swamp Endures. The Pat Political Point–December 3, 2017

December 3, 2017

The Republican-controlled Senate passed a “tax reform” bill that’s filled with goodies for the donor base, but not much for the rest of America. The Swamp endures thanks to the long-coveted conservative trust in “trickle down” economics. Listen to this week’s “Pat Political Point” from WSGW’s First Day.


Do you remember when conservatives threw hissy fits when Obamacare passed through Congress?

Then-Speaker Of The House John Boehner chastised Democrats for supposedly rushing through the bill. Congressman Paul Ryan exclaimed that Congress should read bills before passing them.

Let’s also not forget the importance Republicans put on Obamacare’s Congressional Budget Office score, and the law’s impact on budget deficits.

I also seem to remember how right wingers possessed a daily paranoia on the national debt and budget deficits.

But those were the good ole’ days when a Democrat resided in the White House.

Today, all of those concerns and principles have vanished because Republicans needed to make their rich, elitist donor class even richer.

The rules don’t exist for the elite donor class. They never had.

That’s why all but one Republican senator voted to pass a tax looting bill late Friday. Even the so-called “moderate” Susan Collins from Maine voted for the tax looting bill because she works for rich donors. She doesn’t work for the people.

Collins and her right wing colleagues work to enrich The Swamp. And President Trump is more than happy to oblige The Swamp since it’s been Trump’s permanent residency.

Trump promised his followers that he’d be different. He promised his followers that rich donors would hold zero sway over him. Trump promised his followers that he’d be a true populist.

But in a strange twist of irony, Trump is operating President George W. Bush’s third term.

Bush and Dick Cheney fought for their untouchable elite donor base by looting our national bank to redistribute wealth back to the top.

Fast-forward some 16 years, and President Trump is rushing to legalize another bank robbery at the expense of the American people.

And he’s counting on The Swamp to be his accomplice.

The Hill reports over 6,000 lobbyists have offered their assistance with the tax looting bill. Public citizen’s Lisa Gilbert tells The Hill that the number of lobbyists sent by corporations to reshape the tax code is of “almost biblical proportions.”

And Public Citizen reports thirty-one of those thousands of lobbyists work for Trump or Vice President Pence.

Do you think these lobbyists were working behind the scenes for us?

Now, Trump and all of his Republican and lobbyist friends want us to believe that lowering corporate taxes will help you and I.

They’re telling us to rely on trickle-down again! I mean, it’s never worked before, but maybe–just maybe–this crazy-wack theory will work this time!

Of course, several corporations are telling us differently.

Bloomberg News says that corporations like Coca-Cola and Pfizer indicated they will use their corporate handouts for stock repurchases, not for job creation.

Wait, you mean to tell me corporations will use their handouts to enrich their shareholders?

No way!

Who could’ve seen that coming?

Well, everyone could see that coming!

But so-called “fiscal conservatives” are hoping you’ll forget. Fiscal conservatism means making rich people richer. It’s not about fiscal responsibility as tax looting bill is projected to raise deficits. The Joint Committee on Taxation will generate over $400 billion dollars in revenue, but still cost over a trillion dollars! That’s a major deficit!

It’s also a farce to call this “tax reform.”

There are so many different kinds of “phase-ins-and-phase-outs” with this bill, including keeping the alternative minimum tax, which conservatives supposedly loathed. But they needed these tricks for their fuzzy math.

Please, fiscal conservatism means redistributing money to the rich, elite, and out-of-touch donor class.

There’s so much that’s wrong with this tax looting bill that I can’t even begin to share today. Like the amendment to abolish Obamacare’s individual mandate, which will raise premiums through the roof and act like a tax increase on millions of Americans.

Republicans are banking on you forgetting about this bill. Perhaps they’re correct because we keep voting them back into office.

Despite states like Michigan and Kansas already showing how similar policies can damage the middle class, Republicans went full-steam ahead in Washington.

It’s all they know.

What’s especially awesome for the GOP is they might have a pedophile in the Senate to help vote for the final bill!

They’re main job is to pass hand-outs to their donors at our expense.

Do you remember when infrastructure improvement was of major importance? Donald Trump pounded his tiny hands on the podium, promising to repair America’s infrastructure.

But just like George W. Bush, Trump’s main reason for being president is protect his own.

And that’s where Donald Trump isn’t new or authentic. He’s just like every other Republican politician like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, or Rick Snyder.

Above anything else, his job is to move money from us and to the Top 1%. And no matter what, congressional Republicans are happy to join Trump in that endeavor.

As The Talking Heads once said, “It’s the same as it ever was.”

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