SVSU Enrollment Numbers Down, Interest in Med Courses Up

Saginaw Valley State University is seeing enrollment growth in a number of key programs, but is seeing an overall drop in students.

SVSU spokesman J.J. Boehm says the school has noted increasing numbers of students in programs such as psychology, and public health & rehabilitative medicine.

He says the growth comes despite the challenges of COVID-19, and is a welcomed stability brought by the incoming freshman class.

University President Don Bachand says it’s encouraging for the university and the community to see those programs grow, as the pandemic accelerated demand and highlighted a need for mental health professionals and all forms of health expertise.

While numbers in those fields have increased, they contrast the school’s drop in new and overall enrollment.

This year, SVSU welcomed 1,335 freshmen, compared to 1,382 in the prior year; and had 7,523 students taking classes this semester, down from 8,030 last year.