SVSU, Covenant Partnership Adds Coronavirus Support

A partnership between Covenant Healthcare and Saginaw Valley State University is expanding support as the fall semester nears.

The partnership predates the pandemic that led the university to suspend in-classroom learning in March, but the emergence of COVID-19 caused SVSU to seek additional services and consultation from the health care provider. As SVSU prepares to return students to in-classroom learning for the fall semester, university leaders credit Covenant HealthCare for providing support which will allow the campus to safely reopen, including the guidance of health experts and a health-related telephone hotline for students.

SVSU leaders have relied on Covenant and general guidance provided by other agencies, both local and national. University officials regularly consult with staff at the Saginaw County Health Department on COVID-19-related matters in the region. And SVSU planners have utilized guidelines from both the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when applying modifications to campus policies. The school says it believes it is prepared for the fall semester and thanks Covenant for making it possible.