SVSU, CMU College of Medicine Partner for Training

Four SVSU nursing students, two CMU College of Medicine medical students, and one emergency medicine (EM) resident worked together Monday in a clinical simulation specifically designed as an interprofessional education (IPE) activity.

The group collaborated as a team in a simulated environment, replicating a health care setting at the CMU College of Medicine Simulation Lab. While CMU has conducted IPE cases throughout the years, Dr. Robert Sasso, Director of Medical Simulation with CMEP, stated this is the first time an educator and nurse practitioner from CMU Medical Education Partners Department of Medical Simulation worked in direct coordination with SVSU’s Department of Nursing team to create a scenario specifically designed for both institutions’ learners.

The simulation-based training allows learners to see opportunities to improve their decision-making skills in a controlled environment to diminish medical errors and achieve better patient outcomes in the real world.