State Representative Amos O’Neal Announces Reelection Campaign

State Representative Amos O’Neal has announced his campaign for reelection in 2024.

O’Neal made the announcement Friday afternoon, highlighting many of the issues he’s worked on such as education, physical and mental health care, and economic development, saying, “These are real people issues that we focused on, and we made a difference. So, I just don’t feel comfortable leaving all of that knowing that there’s still work to be done.”

O’Neal said he considered running for Michigan’s open 8th District Congressional Seat, but decided he wanted to do more at the state level.

“I thought about the 8th district,” said O’Neal “But the landscape of DC, unfortunately, is a place where you can’t get much done. I’m sad to say that. I don’t want to spend my time, 2 years, just listening to rhetoric…”

O’Neal was first elected to the state House of Representatives in 2020, and won reelection in 2022. He says the recent Democratic majority in Michigan’s government and the institutional knowledge and relationships he’s formed have allowed him to bring positive change to the community he serves.