State Police Stop Driver Experiencing Medical Emergency

Police near Caro broke into a vehicle to rescue the driver Tuesday afternoon.

State Police say that shortly after 1:00, troopers were patrolling M46 west of M24 when they saw a westbound vehicle drifting in and out of its lane, at times crossing the center line or driving in the ditch.

When troopers tried to pull the vehicle over, the driver reportedly didn’t stop, continuing on at about 40 miles per hour. Eventually, police pulled alongside and motioned for the driver to pull over. Officers say that the driver appeared to be having a medical emergency, and was unable to put the car into park after pulling to the side of the road.

After they stopped the rolling vehicle by parking in front of it, police broke the passenger side window to get to the 59-year-old driver, who was taken to a local hospital for treatment.