State of the Union

Since everyone else seems to have an opinion about President Trump’s State of the Union address, I though I should chime in.

My first impression, putting content aside, was that it was one of his better speeches., although a bit long, mostly due to over exuberant republican side of the chamber. They were determined to get their daily quotient of standing and sitting exercise.

As to content, it touched all of his key issues, although it was not as conciliatory as the pre-speech hype suggested. He took credit for the economy, outlined his four pillars of immigration policy, and was a cheerleader for America and the military. He also loaded the gallery with guests he used to make points throughout the speech.

For me, I watched in amazement as the President would present and idea or proposal or fact that would seem to please the democrats. But time and time again they sat stone-faced, even when they agreed with the words. To me, it pointed out how childish politics has become. As yes, it the roles were reversed, the republicans would be doing the same thing.

And so, as this Wednesday unfolds, this speech, like all who have gone before, will soon be forgotten. Politics will have not changed. and little progress on the expressed items will be made. So what’s new?



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