State Files Complaint Against Tuscola County Cattle Farm for Illegal Wastewater Dumping

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed a complaint against Zimba Dairy, Inc. (Zimba) in Tuscola County for violations related to unlawful discharges into state waters.

The complaint alleges Zimba failed to obtain a mandated wastewater permit, and has impacted wetlands and inland streams with significant damaging effects. Zimba is a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) with three locations and more than 2,000 head of cattle, including around 1,600 dairy cows.

The complaint alleges Zimba polluted North Branch White Creek with runoff from unlawfully stockpiled agricultural waste. The discharge killed large quantities of fish, including valuable sportfish and host fish for endangered mussel species. In addition to the North Branch White Creek discharge, EGLE has documented several other state water quality standards violations resulting from Zimba’s discharges near its production area.

The State’s complaint seeks civil penalties, attorneys’ fees, the cessation of ongoing pollution, and an order that Zimba obtain the required permits.