STARS to Reintroduce Fares in September

After waiving fares during the COVID-19 crisis, Saginaw’s STARS bus service will be returning to fares starting on September 1 at a reduced rate. For now, fares continue to be free including for Primary Election day.

Fares for bus routes before COVID were $1.50 for general public, and $.75 for seniors or disabled. When fares return on September 1, they will be $1.00 for general public and $.50 for seniors or disabled. LIFT paratransit rides were $2.75 before COVID and will be $2. 30. Day passes for Mainline Bus Routes will be reduced from $60 to $40.

STARS will also be rolling out smart cards and phone applications to make purchasing and using bus passes easier for riders. STARS will continue to provide updates in the coming days with information on early bird specials and how to register a new account with STARS.