Stars Reopens Regional Job Route With New Safety Procedures

Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) will reopen its regional “Pigeon Express” job routestarting Sunday, May 17 with the 9:30PM departure. STARS is taking new precautions to limit spread of COVID-19. Departures from Saginaw will run Sunday night through Friday night at 5:30AM, 1:30PM, and 9:30pm. The Pigeon Express provides daily transportation for workers to Blue Diamond Steel and Huron Metal Casting in Pigeon, MI.

STARS has started new rules to protect drivers and passengers. Riders must always use provided hand sanitizer when boarding and wear a face covering while on the bus. STARS is asking all passengers to be patient when boarding and deboarding so that social distancing is followed. STARS staff members will check passenger temperatures with non-contact devices as well as screen passengers for other COVID-19 symptoms. Those showing symptoms may not board and are asked to isolate. Passengers refusing to follow the new rules will be refused future services.

STARS has installed hand sanitizer dispensers, has masks available for riders, and has installed plastic barriers in between passenger rows as well as around the driver.

“STARS is putting both innovation and elbow grease into bringing services back as the economy prepares to open. This route is a challenge due to the number of people and the distance from Saginaw to these employers. But STARS is working hard to do it safely,” said Glenn Steffens, STARS Executive Director.
As the economy continues to reopen, STARS is working on plans as to how best to safely serve the Saginaw community while meeting needs. Steffens added that coordination and planning between businesses, public services like STARS, and government officials and stakeholders will be crucial if services are to both operate safely and not become overwhelmed.