STARS Fares Returning at Reduced Rate

The Saginaw Transit Authority & Regional Services, or STARS, is reminding residents that transportation fares will return October 1st at a reduced rate compared to pre-pandemic pricing.

The main bus route fare will be $1 for the general public, down from $1.50, and $.50 for seniors or disabled people, reduced from $.75. LIFT paratransit rides will cost $2, reduced from $2.75.

30-day passes for Mainline Bus Routes will cost $40 for the general public and $20 for seniors and ADA riders, reduced from $60 and $40 respectively.

“STARS has used federal relief funds to cover fares of our passengers, which means more than $1.25 million has stayed in the pockets of Saginaw residents affected by the pandemic,” said Glenn Steffens, STARS Executive Director. “Over $1M was left in the hands of those most affected by the pandemic.”

STARS is also working on smart cards and phone applications to make purchasing bus passes easier. The organization says it will release more information later this week.