St. Joseph Parish of Saginaw Commemorates 150 years

St. Joseph Catholic Parish was built in 1873 and served just a small number of people in a predominantly Irish population. The church still stands on its third build and is located at 936 N 6th Avenue in Saginaw.

St. Joseph Church (Facebook)

St. Joseph had to adapt with the growth and development of the area in the early to mid 1960’s and built a clinic, school, large rectory and larger worship area. Migrant workers, labor workers and factory jobs began to require more people to the Saginaw area. This movement populated migrating Latino residents resulting in the parish transforming to a bilingual Spanish speaking church. Now stands the church, a fellowship hall, education center and rectory. 

In celebration of 150 years they will host a banquet to highlight the past, present and fut

ure of their parish. Along with individuals who have paved away for the parish. Among the speakers is retired Judge and author, Marylin E. Atkins who graduated from St. Joseph High School. The celebration will be held at Horizon Conference Center in Saginaw September 9th. 

Inside St. Joseph Church

More information about St. Joseph Mass schedule and upcoming events can be found at their website or Facebook page.