SPSD Adds Three Health Liaisons to Aid in COVID-19 Prevention Efforts

The Saginaw public school district has welcomed three new Health liaisons to combat COVID-19.

The district welcomed 2 liaisons from the CDC and 1 from the Saginaw County Health Department this week who will handle virus testing and contact tracing through July; allowing staff and administrators who had been aiding with those services to focus on other areas needing attention.

Leann Bauer, Executive Director of Special Education and Student Support Services, who oversees the district’s nurses, says even before the welcomed-help of the liaisons the district had been doing a good job of handling the virus.

Superintendent Dr. Ramont Roberts says the district has had roughly 120 cases since the beginning of the new year (most of which were connected to winter break and were late returning to school), and has not had to close any building due to the virus or staffing shortages so far this school year.

Dr. Roberts says the matter has been handled so well that the school has only reported 2 days in total that it had fallen beneath state admission funding requirements due to sick or quarantining students.