Spongy Moth Numbers Down in Bay County Thanks to Treatment Efforts

Fall monitoring of the invasive spongy moth in Bay County shows a decline in the numbers of egg masses found since the peak of the most recent outbreak between 2021 and 2022.

According to the Bay County Forest Sustainability Program, the number of egg masses in 2021 was more than 38,700. This fall, program staff have located less than a thousand. Fall monitoring is conducted in all wooded areas of the county from the southern townships, throughout the urban wooded areas of Bay City, and up into the northern township communities where most of the aerial treatment of feeding caterpillars occurred earlier this Spring.

Data shows proper targeted treatments can control outbreaks and protect tree health, which allows trees to have stronger natural resistances to some invasive species impacts. property. Information and management techniques for single tree/smaller scale treatments by property owners are included within a “Homeowner’s Management Guide for Spongy Moth” brochure recently developed by program staff, which can be obtained by calling (989) 895-4195.