Speed Limit Fears vs. Reality

For many months we talked about the forthcoming changes in some highway speeds in Michigan.

There were fears of runaway speeds on those highways designated to receive the upgrades.  There would be an increase in accidents and fatalities, more road rage, and a host of other reckless behavior by the motoring public.

I recently have driven a couple of those roads, I-75 from Bay City to Mackinaw City and US-10 from Bay City west to Clare.  Guess what.  All of our fears, including mine, were unfounded.  Traffic, for the most part, was moving between 75 and 77 miles per hour.  Sure, there was the occasional idiot who blew by everybody, but I suspect that driver would have been doing the same thing on a 70 mph highway.

The question now is will the various police agencies patrolling these highways tighten their tolerance for speeders.  Rather than 10 over, will 5 over be the new norm?  After seeing a couple of cars pulled over I wondered how fast they were driving.  I hope there will be strict enforcement.

In conclusion it would appear our Michigan roads can handle the increase in speed.  It would also appear that motorists have also adapted.  It seems the new speed limits reflect what a majority of traffic motorists were already driving.  A very pleasant surprise.




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