Six Suspects Accused of Attempted Robbery Charged Federally

The case against six people accused of trying to break into a marijuana grow house in Midland County has been elevated to the federal level.

On July 16, police responded to a home in Warren Township, where a resident had shot at would-be intruders, striking and wounding one of them. Addiel Torres, Andy Gomez-Niebla, Roberto Padron-Alvarez, Yoany Alvarez-Antuna, Yuan Biart-Gonzalez and Jorge Acosta were charged with numerous felonies at the state level including attempted breaking and entering, possession of burglary tools, and a number of firearms charges.

MLive reports that earlier this month, the suspects were charged in U.S. District Court with attempted interference of commerce by robbery. On Monday Midland District Court Judge Michael Carpenter granted a request by prosecutors to dismiss the state-level charges. Court dates in the federal case are pending.