Shiawassee County Sheriff Runs for State Representative

The sheriff of Shiawassee County is running for State Representative.

Sheriff Brian BeGole has served in law enforcement for 32 years in Shiawassee County. He will face other challengers in the August Republican primary for the 71st State House District.

BeGole says his decision is based on state and federal government administrations becoming “out of touch with communities during COVID, social unrest across the country and most recent past elections.”

BeGole says, “I hear every day about families being concerned with issues like; rising gas prices, double digit inflation, labor shortages, and a serious disruption in the supply chain of food and other products Parents want a return to normalcy and understand the necessity of their children back in school and being taught in person. Law enforcement professionals can always do better but defunding and tarnishing the image and reputation of officers is not the solution. Mandates and unnecessary regulations in recent times have ruined our economy and violated constitutional rights. On top of all of this, the public has lost faith and trust in our electoral process. While we can’t change the outcome of previous elections, we can learn from the mistakes made and work hard to ensure fair and honest future elections.”

BeGole will face fellow Republicans Bob Carlin and Kevin Rathbun in the August 2 primary. The winner of that election will run against Democrat Mark Zacharda in November.