Sewer Rates in Bay City To Drop Aug. 1st

Even with a water rate increase starting August 1st, bay city residents more than likely won’t see a change in their bill.

Under an approved amendment to the city ordinance regarding sewer rates, City commissioners approved a drop averaging a $1.26, to coincide with the scheduled water rate increase.

Commission vice president Chris Girard says the measure of decreasing a rate like this in Bay City hasn’t been done before, an it’s great to be able to help residents recovering from the pandemic that are dealing with price increases elsewhere.

The reduction is projected to decrease revenue in the city’s Sewer Fund by nearly $287,565  when compared to current rates.

That number tries to match the average cost residents would take on with the already-approved  $.18/ccf or $1.26 per-month increase, covering revenue generated which would be paid to the Bay County Department of Water and Sewer.