Several County Commissioner Seats Constested in Bay, Midland and Saginaw Counties

County Commissioners elected in contested races in Saginaw County were Tracey Slodowski over Peyton Ball with 5,686 votes in District 5, Denny Harris over Joe Wasmiller by a vote of 4902 to 2903 over Joe Wasmiller in District 6, Dennis Krafft with 6,316 votes over Nancy Wilson Baird in District 7, Christopher Boyd with 4,633 votes to Andrea Paschall’s 2,703 votes in District 9, Lisa Coney won against Jason Wise by a vote of 3,491 to 2,482 in District 10, and Michael Webster beat out Leona Kramer by a vote of 3,357 to 2,083 in District 11, Sheldon Matthews in District 4 and Gerald Little in District 8 ran uncontested.

In Bay County, Democrat Ernie Krygier lost his seat to Tim Banaszak, while Republican Vaughn Begick remains on the board after beating Sandy Shutt. Republican Kathy Niemiec defeated Marie Ann-Fryzel Fox, voters chose Democrat Colleen Maillette over Lance Anson, and Democrat Thomas Herek narrowly edged out Scott Doyen. Democrat Kaysey Owczarzak Radtke defeated Dennis Banaszak and Republican Dennis Poirier edged out Jayme Johnson.

Voters also chose Republican Kevin Shark over Jacob Hilliker for County Road Commissioner and Democrat Kathleen Zanotti retains her seat as the county clerk, defeating challenger Janis Gorski-Taylor in a tight race.

In Midland County, Democrat Alaynah Smith eked a win over Scott Noeson in the Seventh District, while Republican Gaye Terwillegar beat Connie Glave in the Fourth District. Republican Eric Dorrien narrowly defeated Sarah Schulz in the Sixth district, winning by only five votes. In the county’s Fifth District, Republican Jim Geisler is projected to beat Allison Wilcox.