Senate Republicans Set New Precedent For All Election Year Politicians

Lame Duck

The Atlantic’s Russell Berman provides the basic synopsis of the Senate GOP’s move to block any of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees:

“The election is well underway, so I believe the overwhelming view of the Republican conference in the Senate is that this nomination should not be filled, this vacancy should not be filled by this lame-duck president,” McConnell told reporters Tuesday afternoon. McConnell’s second-in-command, Senator John Cornyn, said members of the Judiciary Committee were “unanimous” in their view that there should no hearing for Obama’s nominee. “The reason for that is, it’s not about the personality, it’s about the principle,” Cornyn said. Taking matters a step further, both McConnell and Cornyn said they were not inclined even to meet with the person Obama picks—a traditional first step in any nomination process.

“The election is underway,” McConnell argued, which means the GOP would’ve had no choice but to block President Obama’s nominees last year, too! I mean, presidential candidates had already been criss-crossing around America in 2015. Not only did Iowa hold its GOP Straw Poll last summer, but the candidates also started debating each other last year. The election essentially began 12 months ago, and I’m sure McConnell and his allies would’ve used the same logic had Scalia passed-away last year.

Which brings me to this point:

Using the McConnell Logic Theorem, all bills should sit and linger for the next Senate, the next House, and the next President, right?

Not only are we in an election year with a lame-duck president, but we’re also in a lame-duck House and Senate, as well. New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, a Republican, is up for reelection this Fall. Using the MLT, Ayotte doesn’t have the right to vote on bills in 2016! Shouldn’t the American people have a say in the bills she–and other representatives up for reelection–are going to cover before the year’s conclusion? They should just shut down the entire Congressional body until 2017. They’re already used to sitting around and doing nothing already!

The McConnell Logic Theorem also works for those in state government, and local government as well.

It makes perfect sense to me.



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