Selective Outrage Harms America–“Pat Political Point” From November 5, 2017

November 5, 2017

In this week’s “Pat Political Point” from WSGW’s First Day, Pat Johnston attacks the conservative selective outrage industry, which chooses to blatantly ignore the real long term threats facing America.


Hours after a legal permanent resident from Uzbekistan ran over a group of bicyclists on in New York City on Halloween night, killing eight and injuring several others, the city’s annual Halloween Parade marched-on as scheduled.

That’s how you do it, America!

Rather than demonize all Muslims, New York City officials have decided to do something else–something productive. Some 60 intersections are now being equipped with concrete barriers to prevent another nut job from mowing down pedestrians.

That seems like a rational response to a violent attack.

Sadly, it seems we only demand governmental intervention whenever a Muslim commits murder.

I’ve talked about our selective outrage, or outrage inconsistency, when it comes to fear in this country, and last week’s tragedy in New York City just further amplified that inconsistency.

Shortly after news broke about the New York City Halloween mass murder, President Trump quickly opined on Twitter:

Trump couldn’t wait to exploit this tragedy because the perpetrator apparently yelled “Alulla Akbar!” Trump’s hobby is highlighting this nation’s irrational fear of murder by people with Muslim names. He thrives on division. That’s why Trump advocates travel bans, walls, and demonizes Black Lives Matter or kneeling football players.

Which why in the age of Trump, we can’t be shocked when a New Jersey police chief is brought up on hate crimes charges, and allegedly proclaimed that black people are “like ISIS” who should all be shot.

And we wonder why NFL players are kneeling, but I digress.

Lest we forget that it was only a month ago when Las Vegas experienced the biggest mass shooting in American history perpetrated by a white male nut job.

He murdered 58 people and wounded some 500 others at a country music festival. He fired from a hotel across the street and maximized his targets by using a “bump stock,” which essentially changes a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon..

And the nation yelled-out a collective yawn.

President Trump stayed silent about the incident for hours before offering thoughts and prayers.

Then, the White House, politicians, and several media figures proclaimed that we can’t politicize a tragedy. It’s now been over a month, and I’m still waiting for President Trump to offer any remedies that makes it more difficult to utilize bump stocks.

The reason President Trump was stuck in neutral after the Vegas tragedy, or the Charlottesville attack where a white neo-Confederate sympathizer drove his car into a crowd of people and killing one American, is because he can’t demonize “the other.”

Can you imagine if the Vegas shooter had a Muslim-sounding name, or was an illegal immigrant, or a black protester? Do you really believe Trump would stay quiet?

You know better.

Which is why I’m so sick and tired of the fake selective outrage with what happened in New York.

Was it a tragedy? Of course, it was! Was it perpetrated by a sick individual? Of course, it was. Does that mean we ban all people from coming emigrating to the United States? Of course, it doesn’t. Does it mean we should ban people from Uzbekistan from coming over here? Of course, it doesn’t. Does it mean every Muslim inherently wants to murder? Of course it doesn’t.

The Vegas shooter did far more damage and destruction, but we shrug our shoulders and say, “That’s America.”

There are some serious steps we can take to further protect American lives on a daily basis. However, we don’t.

It’s estimated that approximately 62,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, mostly by opioids. Where’s the national freak-out? Had ISIS murdered 62,000 Americans last year, I think we’d demand answers and action.

But we shrug out shoulders and say, “That’s America.”

Congress passed a bill last year–with President Obama’s signature–allowing pharmaceutical companies to flood their drugs into certain portions of the U.S. with high opiate use. These companies, naturally, flood Congress’s pockets with campaign donations.

President Trump isn’t squeaky clean in this mess either. He originally nominated the author of that bill to head the Drug Enforcement Agency. Rep. Tom Marino withdrew his nomination once the story about this bill broke last month.

Where’s the national freak-out over pharmaceutical CEO’s who knowingly are flooding the market with MORE drugs? Why isn’t President Trump tweeting about this every day? To go even further, why aren’t my liberal friends demanding action and hearings every day?

If these CEO’s only had Muslim sounding names…

A recent medical study claims global warming is responsible for more deaths per year than war and disease. President Trump’s own energy department just released a report saying that “human activities” such as greenhouse emissions are primarily responsible for the changing climate.

We’ve experienced multiple deaths in Houston, and in Puerto Rico due to powerful hurricanes. And yet, we exhale a collective yawn and say, “That’s America.”

Our president wants to leave the Paris climate accord, and double down on the dying coal industry. If ISIS killed millions we’d demand answers and action. But climate change killing people? Let’s waste more money on antiquated fossil fuels!

If only we gave these hurricanes Muslim-sounding names…

The selective outrage Fox News, right wing talkers, and our president display on a daily basis is downright criminal.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t freak out whenever a person with a Muslim name kills people. Because we’ve been taking action to prevent another 9/11 from happening )although perpetual war and destruction in the Middle East probably isn’t helping things in the long run).

No, what’s worse is we’re not protecting ourselves from each other.

And that’s what causes me to freak-out.

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