▶ Watch Video: Police provide update on shooting outside Minnesota school

Two teenagers have been charged with murder after a shooting in a Minnesota high school parking lot killed one student and seriously injured another. Fernando Valdez-Alvarez, 18, and Alfredo Rosario Solis, 19, are both facing three charges of second-degree murder with intent – not premeditated, according to court documents filed Friday. 

Each felony charge comes with a maximum sentence of 40 years. The two are being held on a $1 million bail each.

On Tuesday, two male students were shot in the parking lot at Richfield’s South Education Center. A 15-year-old identified by the Hennepin County attorney’s office as Jahmari Rice died, and a 17-year-old remains in critical condition. No other information about the victims has been released.

Friday’s court documents also revealed more information about the deadly incident, as well as what the police found while searching the two suspects houses.

Two students gunned down in the school parking

The 19-year-old victim in the shooting, who was treated for injuries at the scene, told police that he and the two other victims walked out of Richfield’s South Education Center behind Valdez-Alvarez and Solis. They had a confrontation in the parking lot. The 17-year-old victim punched Solis. Valdez-Alvarez then started shooting at all three of the victims, who turned and ran back towards the school, police said. Valdez-Alvarez and Solis then fled in a car, with Valdez-Alvarez behind the wheel.

A staff member of the school said she saw five boys standing near a gold Chevrolet Tahoe in the parking lot and talking, police said. She then heard gunshots, but did not see what happened. Police said she then heard a truck pull out of the parking lot, with two more shots fired.

Another staff member said he saw four boys run up to Valdez-Alvarez and Solis, police said, and one of the suspects pulled a black handgun out of his pocket and started firing. He said two shots were fired at the 15-year-old victim at close range. The suspect then got into the passenger seat of a Chevy SUV and continued to fire as the victims ran away. The victim who later died turned to run, was shot again and dropped to the ground, police said.

Authorities search for answers

Police then began searching for further evidence. Surveillance video of the parking lot showed all five male students exit the building. Solis appeared to be wearing a black Polo hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and black tennis shoes, while Valdez-Alvarez was wearing a gray coat, gray sweatshirt, dark pants and black shoes.

Further surveillance video footage showed Solis exiting a tan SUV outside of his apartment complex minutes after the shooting, police said. He was wearing the same Polo sweatshirt, and carrying a small bag with a strap.

Officers then conducted two search warrants, one at each of the suspects homes.

At Solis’ home, police said officers found a 9 mm Glock 45 handgun in a bedroom with an empty magazine. Also in the bedroom, according to police: two magazines, found in a Nintendo Switch case; ammunition, found in a rubber glove in a drawer; one spent casing; and the Polo sweatshirt. Solis was also at the home.

Meanwhile, police said officers at Valdez-Alvarez’s home found a gold 2007 Chevy Tahoe registered to his step-father parked in the back. The SUV matched the descriptions police had been given, and witnesses confirmed that Valdez-Alvarez often drives it. Valdez-Alvarez was at home and taken into custody.

Five 9mm cartridges casings were found in the area where the SUV had been parked, police said. They are undergoing ballistic testing.