Saving Sullivan!


From the desk of Program Director and Operations Manager Dave Maurer:

Here is some behind the scenes information that I would like to share with you.

Fox News recently gave us little notice that they were canceling the Tom Sullivan Show and would no longer distribute the show which is very popular with WSGW listeners.  WSGW went above and beyond our usual role and connected Tom Sullivan with an up and coming program syndicator called Talk Media Network.  TMN is owned by a group of veterans and primarily was a regional network.  I provided them with Tom Sullivan’s contact information and also contacted Tom myself to suggest he consider TMN to syndicate his show.  Tom had made arrangements to lease a studio in New York City, but needed someone to market his show to advertisers, to find stations to carry the show and a way to distribute the show.


On July 4th, I received texts from both Tom Sullivan and Josh Leng from TMN wanting me to be the first to know that they had reached an agreement.  TMN’s stature grows to a national level and Tom Sullivan is looking forward to growing his affiliate base larger than ever.   I’m pleased to have helped make it possible for you to hear Tom’s excellent program well into the future  on Newsradio 790, WSGW!


Listen to Tom Sullivan Monday through Friday from 3-6p.m.  To participate in his show call 855-295-6600!



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