Sanford Strong Receives Support of Midland 100 Club

Sanford Strong, a group dedicated to helping the community bounce back after last year’s devastating floods, was recently nominated and won the support of members of the Midland 100 Club, a community giving circle of more than 550 women. The group was present with initial support of $21,455 in donations and will receive more in the coming weeks as more members send in their contributions.

“We are incredibly honored to be chosen as a recipient of Midland 100 Club’s donations this season,” said Teresa Quintana, who helped form Sanford Strong along with Martina Ricards and Emily Ricards. “Thank you for helping us reach our goals so we can better serve our struggling homeowners and help supplement financial needs to those that are struggling to rebuild. For that we thank you for thinking of us and understanding the urgency of our cause.”

Over the past year, Sanford Strong has purchased and distributed thousands of dollars in gift cards, truckloads of drywall and helped provide other materials to help the community rebuild. The contributions from the Midland 100 Club will help Sanford Strong do even more in the weeks and months ahead, as they prepare to grant homeowners with funds to help offset rebuilding expenses incurred over the last year.