Saginaw’s Lead Service Replacement Plan Seeking $5M in State Funds

Saginaw’s lead waterline replacement plan may soon see an additional $5,000,000 added to cover construction costs.

The money would come as a low-interest loan through the state of Michigan, after recently approved legislation dedicated $102 million dollars in Booker funds from the Drinking Water State Revolving fund for disadvantaged-community lead service replacement projects.

Of that $102 million, Saginaw would qualify-for and be eligible-to-be-forgiven-for $5 million  if earmarked for construction costs.

Saginaw’s Director of Water & Waste Water, Paul Reinsch, says once the application for the loan is sent, work on the line removal could be started as soon as next summer.

A plan to replace lines has already been drawn up, focusing on active lead and galvanized lines first in an effort to protect the public health.

Reinsch says the layout of the plan may appear to be favoring the city’s west side, but that’s only because of 61% heavier use when compared to the higher number of empty lots and abandoned homes on Saginaw’s east side

Construction on the next phase of removal is slated to begin June of next year (following loan approval, contract bidding, and final scheduling) with approximately 400 lines removed per year over an estimated 3-year time span.

In addition to updates to the Saginaw lead removal plan, city council also approved water service related agreements and urban cooperative agreements with St Charles, Swan Creek, and James Township.