Saginaw’s Japanese Cultural Center Approved for $300k Expansion

$300,000 is being invested in new additions to the Saginaw Japanese Cultural Center.

A new utility facility (separate from the Tea House) will be adding restrooms, artifact storage, a multi-purpose workshop classroom, and a pavilion for public and private events- like weddings graduations, and more.

City Manager Tim Morales says the fundraising for the expansion is not only a reflection of the hard work put in by cultural center officials, but the initiative the surrounding community takes when it wants something done.

Cultural center board member Les Tincknell says that anyone worrying about the beauty of the Tea House being conserved can rest easy, since the addition will be a separate structure built in the current garden area west of the parking lot.

Morales adds that costs associated with design and construction of the new 800-sqft structure will be handled by the Tea House Board; but when completed, the new structure (and any long term maintenance and insurance costs) will join the rest of the cultural center as property of the City.