Saginaw Waste Convenience Station to Accept Items Saturday with New Guidelines

The Saginaw Waste Convenience Station will be open again this Saturday, but there are some new guidelines.

Trailers used to bring refuse to the site will now be limited to 12 feet in length and 4 feet high. Box, cubed, or enclosed trucks and trailers will not be allowed, though small U-Haul pickup trucks may be accepted. Anyone dropping off items must bring their own tools for unloading. Finally, people can drop off no more than 10 tires, and will no longer be allowed to dispose of paint at the station.

The Waste Convenience Station offers a chance for Saginaw residents to dispose of household rubbish, large items, or debris for free. It will be open Saturday morning from 8 to noon behind the Public Works building at 1435 South Washington Avenue.